Hiring Drivers

-20F and Cooling

Our equipment is customized to meet your deep frozen transportation needs all while considering fuel efficiency.

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the triple "A" approach

With over 30 years of transportation experience, Hutt continues to prove its ability to Adapt to changing market conditions. This is attained through the Alignment of core vendors and customers. Ultimately understanding the needs of changing market conditions and aligning with their vendor, Hutt has been able to provided their customers with an Agile product line; one that drives value, efficiency and on-time performance.



an extension of your conveyor belt

Hutt's logistics services provide you with the ability to keep your production schedule leveled, they are your partner and an extension of your conveyor belt; Hutt stores and shuttles your goods until your customer places the next order.


Technology and Tools

safe, secure and steady

Hutt leverages technology in order to provide real time information on tracing of customer products. That same technology ensures that product integrity is not compromised by offering around the clock monitoring of temperature requirements, trailer door locks and reefer unit locking.

Why Hutt? What makes us different?

Hutt provides customers with complete supply chain solutions. A multitude of products working in conjunction with each other to create value for all stakeholders. Hutt leverages each product line to give customers a one call solution in addressing long-haul, short-haul, dedicated, warehousing and supply chain consulting services. Rather than sending out a request for pricing on each part of your supply chain, Hutt gives you the ability to spend your time focusing on more critical core competencies, through the management of your entire supply chain link.

Complete supply chain solutions.
We are Hutt.

complete supply chain solutions. we are hutt.