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Founded in 1985, Hutt Trucking Company began as a simple, small trucking business hauling refrigerated and frozen food products to the east coast.

Hutt is unique in that it offers end-to-end supply chain solutions, not just a single service. With over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse under management in West Michigan today, and a late-model fleet of over 50 trucks and 120 trailers, Hutt has every aspect of your supply chain handled.

Through their innovative approach, Hutt is able to leverage their deep frozen warehouse network, dedicated shuttle operations, an extensive contract carrier network, and an in-house fleet of long-haul trucks. This unique combination of services helps drive out capacity variability and control transportation costs for their customers.

James J Hutt – Owner

James J Hutt – OwnerJim Hutt is the President of Hutt Companies. Jim is a 30 year veteran of the temperature controlled transportation and warehousing industry and the visionary behind Hutt’s success and growth over many years. Jim takes great pride in his customers and employees, he show’s his appreciation to both through loyalty and outstanding service.
Jim’s primary focus is on bridging the gap between multiple product lines and ultimately providing customers with complete supply chain solutions. Jim continues to serve all of his customers even today, taking an active role in all departments and helping up and coming managers grow and develop the skills needed to help them and customers succeed. Jim attended Hope College and also served as President on the Delta Nu Alpha transportation club.

Ellen Hutt – Vice President

Ellen Hutt – Vice PresidentEllen Hutt has been with Hutt since the company’s inception. Ellen has held many roles over the past 30 years, and currently provides leadership to multiple departments, including Human Resources, Accounting, Finance and Carrier Management.
Ellen plays a vital role in aggregate capacity planning and capital investments, her role as Vice President stretches over multiple departments and requires a keen understanding of finance. Ellen has attended Davenport University with a focus on Accounting.

James R Hutt – Director, Transportation Operations

James R Hutt – Director of OperationsJames Hutt has been with Hutt since 2006 and currently provides strategic and tactical direction to Hutt’s operational infrastructure. James is a primary contributor to the development and execution of all transportation service offerings, in addition to profit and loss responsibilities for these operating units.
James possesses over 10 years of high-level logistics and corporate operations experience in the supply chain services field. Prior to joining Hutt in 2006, James spent three years in the transportation software sector, supporting Fortune 500 food shipper clients.
James earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in Logistics.

Curt Brower – VP of Sales

Curt Brower – VP of SalesCurt Brower has been employed with Hutt since 1986, and has held a variety of roles, helping Hutt grow on multiple fronts. Curt has spent many years in operations and sales, he has a keen understanding of deciphering customer challenges and has thus been highly successful in providing customers complete logistical solutions.
Today, Curt oversees all sales functions and responsibilities for our transportation and warehousing business units. Curt is a graduate of Kalamazoo Valley Community College and is the President of Hungry for Christ Ministries.

Craig Miller – Director, Warehousing Operations

Craig Miller – Director, Warehousing OperationsCraig Miller joined Hutt in 2014, bringing nearly a decade of cold storage and distribution experience. Craig is responsible for the management and execution of all aspects of Hutt’s Warehousing and Distribution operations while ensuring that value is created for our customers, employees, and the organization.
Craig is a graduate of the WLFO (World Food Logistics Organization). Craig is also HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified through the American Institute of Baking (AIB).
Craig earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Grand Valley State University.

Robert Sumrall – Director, Technology and Facilities

Robert Sumrall – Director, Technology and Facilities Joining the team in 2011, Robert (Bob) Sumrall has been an integral part of Hutt’s success. Bob’s more than 30 years of domestic and international transportation, warehousing and manufacturing experience is key in his role at Hutt.
Bob was instrumental in the design and implementation of Hutt’s state of the art technology infrastructure. In 2014, Bob led our warehouse group through the implementation of a new warehouse management system (WMS) and relocating our cold storage operations to our new facility. His vision and understanding of technology has helped Hutt develop one of the most technologically advanced fleets on the road today.
Bob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Management from Grand Valley State University.

Debbie Kirn – Accounting Manager

Debbie Kirn – Accounting ManagerDebbie Kirn has been employed with Hutt since 2004, and in her previous positions Debbie has worked with a variety of accounting firms, ultimately advancing into accounting management and working for mid-size firms in the manufacturing industries.
In addition to general accounting and financial statement preparation, Debbie handles any problem resolutions for vendors and customers.

Robert Walker – Senior Transportation Manager

obert Walker – Senior Transportation ManagerRobert (Rob) Walker has been employed with Hutt since 1996, and is currently leading the fleet operation teams. Rob has a diverse background, having worked for a variety of transportation companies in the past 25 years.
Rob’s primary goal is to provide customers with scalable capacity solutions, utilizing a variety multimodal services. Rob has attended Daytona State College with a focus on Business Administration.


Complete supply chain solutions.
We are Hutt.

complete supply chain solutions. we are hutt.