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Hutt Logistics Opens Hudsonville Warehouse, Increases Overall West Michigan Storage Capacity To More Than 1 Million Square Feet

March 12, 2015

Holland-based company’s expansion adds 67,000 square feet of cold storage for Michigan food producers

HOLLAND, Mich., Feb. 12, 2015 – Hutt Logistics, a West-Michigan based trucking, logistics and warehousing company, announced today a new Hudsonville warehouse that will add 67,000 square feet of cold food storage to the West Michigan market and increase its overall warehouse space to more than one million square feet. The company will also create at least 15 new jobs with the new space.

Hutt specializes in full-service logistics, with an emphasis on deep-frozen and temperature-controlled storage and transportation. The company also offers stand-alone transportation, warehousing and managed services options for companies of all sizes. According to the Upjohn Institute, transportation and warehousing is among the top drivers of job and economic growth in the Kent and Ottawa County region.

"Our growth in the past five years has been substantial, from zero to more than a million square feet of warehouse space, and we are looking to expand even further," said Curt Brower, Sr. VP at Hutt. "There are currently a large number of producers in West Michigan, who are using out-of-state cold storage warehouses. Our goal is to bring that capacity in-state to drive West Michigan’s economy, while helping our clients to reduce their overall operating cost."

The new Hudsonville cold storage warehouse can hold over 7,500 pallets and is already more than 80 percent full. The company expects to expand that location to accommodate growth. Hutt currently stores and moves more than 120,000 pallets of frozen food every year, including Ludington favorite, House of Flavors, and nationally known gelato and sorbet maker Ciao Bella, who use Hutt to store and ship ice cream to destinations across the United States.

"Ciao Bella uses only the best organic ingredients - the freshest fruits we can find and the best of everything - so it’s very important to us that the product arrives to retailers and customers in perfect condition," said Carlos Canals, CEO at Ciao Bella. "Cold storage and transportation is very limited in Michigan, as it requires significant investment and upkeep to maintain optimum temperatures for frozen desserts. Hutt is the only West Michigan company offering the optimum -20 degrees temperature for our gelato and sorbets."

In addition to the new Hudsonville space, Hutt also manages a 55,000 square foot dry warehouse in Holland, as well as 885,000 square feet of dry and humidity controlled warehouse space in Kentwood. All of Hutt facilities, including the new Hudsonville warehouse, are inspected and qualified by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), the industry standard for safety in food handling and storage.

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About Hutt:

Hutt is a full-service logistics company, providing complete supply chain solutions including transportation, warehousing and final delivery of goods. The company aligns its expertise and core competencies with those of its customer’s needs, developing customized, end-to-end supply chain solutions that transform and drive savings for customers.

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Hutt Trucking is doing its part to help revitalize the economic turnaround in western Michigan

August 8th, 2014

HTC Logistics, Inc., A division of Hutt Trucking, Co., Inc. is doing its part to help revitalize the economic turnaround in western Michigan and continues to build momentum.

Holland, MI-based HTC Logistics, Inc., has subleased a sizeable portion of the former Steelcase facility at 5565 East Broadmoor Avenue S.E. in Kentwood, Michigan for the expansion of its dry and temperature-controlled warehouse and cross dock business. Hutt Trucking, a technology-driven transportation and third-party logistics company (3PL) headquartered in Holland, Michigan, specializes in the warehousing and transportation of dry fresh and frozen food products. Every Hutt facility is approved by the prestigious American Institute of Baking, commonly known as AIB. AIB inspects and audits food grade manufacturers and storage facilities for operational methods, food safety and cleanliness among others. Its approval is one of the industry standards for safety in food handling and storage. Hutt is proud to display the AIB banner in its facilities.

"This adds 600,000 square feet of food-grade warehouse space to our already 1.1 million cubic feet of freezer/cooler space in West Michigan, coupled with the 65,000 square feet of office and warehouse space at our Holland corporate offices," said Curt Brower, Senior Vice President for Hutt. Brower also stated that HTC Logistics Inc., has future plans for further expansion coming soon.

Brower estimated that the new facility will create 30-40 full-time jobs, including managers, shift supervisors, equipment operators, order pickers, and clerical staff.

Currently, HTC Logistics has a portion of this food-grade building already filled and is actively seeking partners to occupy the remaining space. If you are interested in finding out more about this space and its availability, contact Curt Brower at

HTC Logistics is proud to be a part of economic revitalization and expansion in Grand Rapids and Western Michigan.

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